Make Me The Rainstorm
This semester has been amazing.

This is true in all fields of my life, but extraordinarily so academically. 

My application to double my major was accepted, so now I am in philosophy and religion & culture. Despite these being seemingly job-consequence-less studies they are just that to me - studies. University is for learning what you love; university was created for these studies, and I plan to hold true to that.

I was given near perfect marks in two classes (History of Buddhism and Ancient Greek Philosophy), and the marks for various exams and essays are trickling in and blowing my mind. Apparently I am now eloquent enough to bring my ideas to light for professors.

I’ve decided to get my PhD and pursue teaching at the university level - if I could spend all my life reading and writing and inspiring students the way I am inspired each day I will forever be happy.

April 23rd, 2014 - 2 notes
I really disliked high school; but I always loved who I was at that time. PJs, headphones, DMB, short hair, and walking around campus with a camera and tripod. Few fucks were given but the ones that were may as well have been sacred :)

pets for the perfect girl
baysandbows is super talented & took this amazing picture

Last Sun Rays - Felix Vallotton


ignore my face I look dumb but look at my dog

Miiiiisha and Carrrmen <3
If I had a sun and moon in my hands,
I would warm your nights,
And cool your hell with my light…
April 21st, 2014 - 480 notes
It’s over 10 degrees so it’s basically summer